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Frederick Frank

Chairman, Burrill Securities

Frederick Frank, former Vice Chairman of both Lehman Brothers and Peter J. Solomon Company,
and co-founder and Managing Partner of Life Sciences Partners, LLC, a financial advisory firm, joined Burrill & Company as Vice Chairman of Burrill & Company and Chairman of Burrill Securities.

Frank joined Peter J. Solomon Company in 2009 from Barclays Capital, where he was Vice Chairman. He began his investment banking career at Smith, Barney & Co. in 1958, where he attained the positions of Co-Head of Research, Vice President, and Director. In 1969, he joined Lehman Brothers as a partner. At Lehman Brothers Frank provided investment banking services to numerous companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare services, medical device, and nutraceutical industries, and was involved in hundreds of financings, strategic alliances, and merger and acquisition transactions in the global healthcare industry. Frank’s clients included Marion Laboratories, from leading the company’s initial public offering to its acquisition of the pharmaceutical division of Dow Chemical, creating Marion Merrill Dow. Together with Mary Tanner, Frank represented Marion Merrill Dow in creating its merger with Hoechst to form Hoechst Marion Roussel. Frank also represented Synthélabo in France in its acquisition by Sanofi, and Genentech, commencing in 1995, with the purchase of a controlling interest by Roche and in its 1999 extension & modification. Most recently, he advised CV Therapeutics in its $l.4 billion sale to Gilead Sciences; BioDuro, a China-based company, in its sale to PPD; TargeGen, in its sale to Sanofi-Aventis, CGI Pharmaceuticals, in its sale to Gilead Sciences; and OSI Pharmaceuticals in its sale to Astellas Pharma. Frank received an M.B.A. from Stanford University and a B.A. from Yale University. He is also a chartered financial analyst.