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High Precision Speed Linear Motor Driver High Performance YK-ZX01-190 ZX Series

    Buy cheap High Precision Speed Linear Motor Driver High Performance YK-ZX01-190 ZX Series from wholesalers
    Buy cheap High Precision Speed Linear Motor Driver High Performance YK-ZX01-190 ZX Series from wholesalers
    • Buy cheap High Precision Speed Linear Motor Driver High Performance YK-ZX01-190 ZX Series from wholesalers

    High Precision Speed Linear Motor Driver High Performance YK-ZX01-190 ZX Series

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    Brand Name : Kaifull
    Model Number : YK-ZX01-190
    Certification : CE, ROHS
    Price :
    Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, Paypal etc.
    Supply Ability : 10000pcs per Month
    Delivery Time : 7-14days for standad version customization 3-4weeks
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    High Precision Speed Linear Motor Driver High Performance YK-ZX01-190 ZX Series

    YK-ZX01-190 ZX Series High Precision Speed Linear Motor Modules with high performance quality for industrial automations

    1. Products Overview

    Direct drive linear motor (referred to as linear motor) is a device that directly completes linear transmission. It can directly replace the mechanical transmission parts, such as ball leadscrew, rack and pinion, belt/ pulley, etc., to greatly reduce the transmission clearance and the noise, wear, vibration and other related problems caused by mechanical transmission. The essence of linear motor
    transmission is to spread the rotating motor stator and rotor horizontally, and directly connect to drive the load. Linear motor is characterized by high transmission efficiency and good dynamic response. Linear motors are widely used with the development of industrial automation and the equipment requirements being stricter.

    Linear motor working principle:

    The part as stator in rotary motor is called primary part, and the part as rotor is called the secondary part. In actual application, the primary and secondary parts have different lengths to ensure that the coupling between primary and secondary is stable within the required movement scope. Taking the linear induction motor as an example: When the primary winding is connected to the AC power supply, it generates a waving magnetic field in the air gap. The secondary generates electromagnetic thrust and current when the waving magnetic field cuts it. Then current generates its own magnetic field and due to the interaction between these two magnetic fields, a torque will be generated. If the primary part is fixed, then the secondary part will move and, so that the rotor starts to rotate and if secondary is fixed, the primary will move.

    Linear motors features:

    Simple structure: The linear motor does not need to directly generate linear motion through the intermediate conversion agency, which greatly simplifies the structure, so the motion inertia is reduced, the dynamic response performance and positioning accuracy are greatly improved; at the same time, it also improves reliability, saves costs, and makes manufacturing and maintenance much easier. The primary and secondary structure of the linear motor can directly become part of the mechanical structure of the application, which is an unique advantage in industrial applications, and enable the application design innovation possible.

    Suitable for high-speed linear movements: Because there is no centrifugal constraint, ordinary materials can also reach higher speeds. In addition, there is no mechanical contact between the primary and secondary, so there is no friction, then it can eliminate mechanical loss and noise caused by motor itself. Due to the zero friction loss, so the energy efficiency is the highest.

    Strong adaptability: The primary iron core of a linear motor can be sealed as a whole with epoxy resin. It has good anticorrosive and moisture -proof performance, which is convenient for use in the environment of humidity, dust and harmful gases.

    High acceleration: This is a significant advantage of a linear motor driver, compared to other motion control motors or mechanical structures.


    In the field of CNC fields, linear motors are widely used in linear motion systems. Through the drive of a linear motor, CNC machine can achieve high-speed and high-precision processing, while improve production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, the linear motor also has the characteristics of fast response and low inertia, which can reduce errors and vibrations in the processing process, and further improve the processing accuracy.

    In the field of packaging machinery, linear motors can achieve high-speed and high-precision linear motion and positioning, which improves the production efficiency and automation level of packaging machinery. At the same time, the linear motor can also achieve rapid start and stop, reduce mechanical impact and vibration, and improve the stability and reliability of packaging machinery.

    In the field of intelligent manufacturing, as an important part of automated production lines, linear motors can achieve high -speed and high -precision material transmission and positioning. Through the drive of a linear motor, the automated production line can achieve continuous and stable operation, which improves production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, linear motors can also cooperate with smart devices such as sensors and controllers to achieve the intelligence and flexibility of the production process.

    2. Kaifull Linear Motors Highlights

    High precision:

    Linear motor can achieve direct transmission, which eliminates the accumulation of various precision errors brought by intermediate links, and avoids the shortcomings of the traditional transmission such as backlash,
    inertia, friction and insufficient rigidity, to achieve higher-precision transmission.

    Endless stroke, multi-rotor simultaneous/ asynchronous transmission:

    The linear motor can achieve endless-stroke transmission through the connection of stators, besides, one stator can be equipped with multiple actuators to achieve independent control of multiple motions in the same axial direction.

    Safety, reliability, less maintenance and long life:

    Linear motor can achieve contactless transmission, because its mechanical friction loss is almost zero, there are few faults, the linear motor is safe, very reliable and of long life and little maintenance.

    Great dynamic performance:

    The frameless part of the linear motor is non-contact, has no mechanical transmission limitation and can achieve high-precision motion control in different ranges from low speed to high speed in a short time, therefore, it is characterized by high dynamic response, strong real-time performance and extremely high acceleration (up to 20 g).

    Low noise:

    Low noiseThe transmission mode of the linear motor is different from that of the rotary motor, the linear motor has no intermediate mechanical transmission from the motor to the worktable and realizes "zero contact and zero transmission", therefore, the system runs with low noise, small
    vibration and high performance.

    Simple mechanical structure:

    The linear motor eliminates the additional device that converting the rotational motion into a linear motion, which reduces the difficulty of
    structural design and manufacturing assembly greatly, and also reduces the overall weight and volume.

    2. Linear Motor Naming Rules

    3. Main Performance Specifications

    Base width190.0mm
    Max speed2.0m/s
    Max acceleration/1G=10m/s^220m/s^2



    Highest bus voltage600.0V
    Rated thrust375.0N
    Rated current5.16Arms
    Peak thrust835.0N
    Peak current18.0Arms
    Thrust constant ± 10%72.29N/Arms
    Back EMF Constant ± 10%58.99V(pk)/m/s
    Electrical time constant7.05ms
    Magnetic attraction force1.56KN
    Maximum temperature of coil120.00ºC
    Pole-pair pitch (N-N)24.00mm
    Rotor length210.00mm
    Rotor mass2.8Kg
    Stator mass5.0kg/m

    Mechanical parameters


    Acceleration: 2G, Velocity: 2800mm/s, Dwell Time: 0.2s, Travel Distance: 1000mm.

    Maximum operational speed: 3000mm/s.

    Horizontal installation: 25kg


    Magnetic grating (resolution: 1μm): Repetition Accuracy: ±3μm.

    Optical grating (resolution: 1μm): Repetition Accuracy: ±2μm.

    Straightness±2μm/300 mm
    Module Weight60mm travel: 11.0kg (0.7kg increase per additional 60mm travel).

    Quality High Precision Speed Linear Motor Driver High Performance YK-ZX01-190 ZX Series for sale
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